6 Industries Adjusting Their Messaging During the Crisis

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April 27, 2020 at 8:55 AM


Throughout the coronavirus crisis, many industries are tailoring their message to reflect the current needs of their customers. These necessary changes can help support communities and customers as they decide what to do next. By altering your messaging to reflect those changes during this time, you will help your customers navigate how to support your business and the community right now.

1. Home Improvement

Home improvement businesses are shifting many of their operations to digital when possible throughout this crisis. Renewal by Andersen, for example, is offering virtual consultations. In order to follow social distancing guidelines, they will meet with customer’s virtually to assess their needs, rather than coming into the house.

Realtors throughout the St. Louis area are also taking advantage of virtual options. Instead of bringing people into homes for in-person showings, they're offering virtual tours that will provide their customers with critical information about the property they're considering. This will allow for the potential buyer to stay home while continuing their search until it’s time for a no-contact in-home visit.

2. Insurance

Insurance companies are changing their messaging to reflect a more forgiving and understanding process right now. Many insurance companies, including State Farm, are offering discounts and refunds for insurance during a time when many people aren't leaving the house and, therefore, are at lower risk for auto accidents. Others are taking steps to be more forgiving with deadlines and reporting to support customers who suffer minor accidents, but who have otherwise had clean driving records.

3. Home Services

Home service providers often need to come directly into customers' homes in order to perform services. As the coronavirus crisis continues, these providers are shifting their messaging to let their customers know what changes they're making to their routine services and what precautions they're taking when entering their customers' homes. Many of them are changing the production of their products or the services they offer to fit the current times.

Stanley Steemer has introduced a new product into all standard cleaning processes. Whether customers are worried that they may have had someone in their home infected by COVID-19 or they simply want to be sure they've disinfected every surface possible, Stanley Steemer will come in and take care of those needs, while taking the necessary precautions themselves.

Spectrum Brands has shifted the production of its Cutter Insect Repellant to make hand sanitizer. Throughout the St. Louis area, it's still difficult for most to get their hands on hand sanitizer and other cleaners. Spectrum is donating bottles to the St. Louis Food Bank to help the essential workers there stay safe while assisting the community.

4. Financial Services

Financial services are shifting to offer more advice to their customers--both directly and indirectly, through online seminars and advice. Financial service providers are tailoring their advice to the current pandemic: how to ride out investments that have suddenly decreased substantially in value; how to prepare for an uncertain future; how to manage finances during shutdowns and lockdown orders. Many financial service providers are also focusing on helping businesses create continuity plans that will help them remain operational as they navigate potential challenges during this time.

5. Breweries

Many breweries aren't just focusing on making sure that customers have an opportunity to relax during the pandemic. They're also providing vital services to their community as a whole, shifting their production to meet the needs present throughout the St. Louis community and beyond.

Anheuser-Busch has not only shifted their production to make hand sanitizer, but they’re also running an ad that shares the message that it is in all of our hands to make a difference. This vital shift in production helps keep us safe, as well as providing vital protection for doctors and nurses working in facilities that may be running short.

Busch beer is offering free beer for a year to individuals having to postpone their weddings due to coronavirus. This is a great way to focus on reaching out and giving back to the community even in the midst of a difficult period.

6. Auto Dealerships

For some people, a new car is certainly an essential purchase. Many people, including essential service workers, still need to be able to get to work. Auto dealerships want their customers to know that they are still open right now.

Jim Butler Chevrolet is still servicing cars during the shelter in place orders. The company will do the paperwork virtually, come pick up the car from your home, service it, clean and sanitize it, and then return it. There's no need for contact between the staff and the vehicle owner, but cars can still get the service they need.

As industries change their messaging to adapt to the current needs of consumers, they have noticed increased levels of success. Not just their ability to continue to bring in customers and keep them aware of the measures they're taking during this crisis, but the ability to improve customer confidence in their business. We are all St. Louis Strong, and we're all in this together--and your messaging throughout this crisis helps your customers see exactly what your business is doing for them.

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