Advertising Tips for Retirement Communities: How to Effectively Position Yourselves

Laura Landmann

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January 19, 2021 at 3:00 PM

Advertising Tips for Retirement Communities: How to Effectively Position Yourselves

With a third of the Saint Louis area population over age 55, it’s important for retirement communities to develop creative ways to get the attention of prospective customers. Potential residents and their families are attracted to the lifestyle these communities offer and that should be the focus of any successful campaign.

Here are a few tips for effectively positioning your retirement community as an ideal place to live.

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1. Focus on the individual, not the demographic.

Advertising Tips for Retirement Communities: How to Effectively Position YourselvesFocusing on the demographic you want to attract to the community can come off as stereotyping. To avoid this, make your marketing about the individual. What are your target audience's wants and needs in a senior living community? Highlight purposeful activities and benefits of the residences.

For example, rather than pointing out that the community targets people of a certain age, it is more effective to mention social engagement and physical fitness opportunities. You want to entice your target audience with images of the good life they will be part of, not make them feel like they'll be isolated from a vibrant society.   

2. Revamp your website.

Your website is the first method of contact for most of your target audience. Be sure it is visually pleasing and easy to use. It should contain all the information potential residents and their families need, plus have a responsive design. A clear call to action to receive more information or a free guide to the community can help increase engagement.

Include a blog on your website and keep it updated. Potential customers appreciate informational content that they can trust. This will establish you as someone to turn to when making retirement decisions. If your message is dated, the audience will lose interest. Freshening your blog at regular intervals can help you with SEO.

Try utilizing forms on your website. Forms embedded directly onto the site allow you to collect and manage information easily and efficiently. Once these leads provide their information, it is securely stored until needed.

3. Provide a space for reviews.

Ninety-three percent of consumers admit that they rely on online reviews before making purchasing decisions, and 91% of 18 to 34-year-olds say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Manage your online reputation by highlighting reviews that reflect positively on the community.  Providing explanations and a willingness to address bad reviews can do much to give potential residents confidence in your brand.

Advertising Tips for Retirement Communities: How to Effectively Position Yourselves

4. Pay attention to your SEO.

There are an estimated 3.9 billion searches on Google each day. Optimizing your presence on search engines is critical to the success of your marketing strategies. Include keywords and links that will improve SEO rankings, and test and measure your efforts for effectiveness. 

5. Include your entire staff in sales strategies.

Your staff members are the liaisons in your community; they are the ones who communicate with your residents every day. Include them in your sales strategies as they have insight into residents' concerns. Listen to your residents and what they desire from their community. Use the information you gather to further your marketing efforts.

6. Create a TV commercial.

Advertising Tips for Retirement Communities: How to Effectively Position YourselvesA strong message that creates an emotional connection with potential residents makes a powerful TV advertisement. Include actual residents or actors your target audience can relate to experiencing the joys of life in the community. When it comes to marketing to generations, the Silents and Boomers have the greatest wealth, and they rely more on TV for content. 

7. Deploy an email campaign.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing, and it has a high ROI. It allows personalized content to help you create a deeper relationship with your target audience. Effective email marketing tactics for retirement communities include using it as a tool to get to know your potential clients and sharing with them offers of a tour or a free e-book of information about the community.

Partnering with a media professional gives you access to their email list. This is a great help in reaching those consumers who may be thinking about retirement accommodations for themselves or a parent.

Hire a media partner.

Successfully advertising your retirement community requires a professional, holistic approach. Because relocating for retirement is a family affair that demands a lot of research for those involved in making the decision, you must market to potential residents and their families. Your media partner can help you create a strategy that will get your target audience’s attention and help you reach resident capacity goals.

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