Advertising Your Nonprofit: Top 3 Ways to See ROI

Rumi Hawkins

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February 3, 2021 at 2:30 PM

Advertising Your Nonprofit: Top 3 Ways to See ROI

Just because COVID-19 came upon us doesn't mean that diseases like cancer and diabetes went away. These trying times have put a strain on the resources nonprofit organizations rely upon. Many organizations hold annual fundraising events this time of year, but in 2020, things look very different. With the sudden loss of an essential revenue source, nonprofits have to get very creative to keep donations coming their way.

Here are three ways your nonprofit can get a return on your marketing investment despite social distancing.

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1. Get Virtually Creative

Advertising Your Nonprofit: Top 3 Ways to See ROIMany nonprofit organizations have adapted their events for virtual participation to help meet the shortfall created by an inability to gather in person. Virtual activities that prove to be profitable include sponsored walks, galas, and telethons. These events are revenue investments that help raise awareness and share your mission with the public.

Currently, most of the American Cancer Society's fundraising is virtual. Relay for Life allows individuals to virtually join teams of walkers and runners to support the fight against cancer and to celebrate survivors. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is more than just a walk. It is a virtual movement in which anyone can participate from anywhere. Supporters are encouraged to hold virtual galas, balls, and parties wherever they are, and donations for ACS are accepted online.

2. Partner With a Local Business

One of the best ways for a nonprofit to generate funds involves partnering with a business interested in supporting your cause. Cause marketing initiatives are a collaboration between your nonprofit and a local company that brings awareness to your mission and drives donations. The involved brand makes a name for itself in the community with the hopes of generating loyalty. Businesses that participate in cause marketing consider it a valuable tool for connecting with consumers while garnering attention for the issues they care about.

One example of an effective cause marketing campaign is the partnership between Whirlpool and Habitat for Humanity. Whirlpool committed to providing a range and refrigerator for each Habitat home built in the US and Canada. In 20 years of collaboration, more than $110 million has been contributed to the cause, with over 100,000 families served. 

Locally, TRANE heating and cooling has partnered with Habitat for Humanity St. Louis and KMOV to support the local building of three homes. During their first year of supporting the mission, TRANE also provided the HVAC systems for each new home.

3. Find New Ways to Participate

Advertising Your Nonprofit: Top 3 Ways to See ROIConsider new ways to participate in the community to get the word out about your nonprofit. A strategically placed TV ad can help bring awareness to your cause without a lot of investment. Your local programmer may already be involved in televised initiatives that you can connect your nonprofit to for exposure.

KMOV's Heroes for Kids telethon for Shriners Hospitals and A Day 4 Forest Park telethon both faced big challenges due to COVID-19 social distancing measures. Instead of being in a studio with multiple guests, both telethons were re-created with a combination of pre-recorded storytelling and outside live shots. The results were record-breaking fundraising events for both charities.

A Media Partner Can Help Your Nonprofit See ROI

From cause marketing to virtual events, it’s crucial to get your nonprofit’s message in front of the right audience at the right time. An experienced media partner will have connections to community partners and access to the tools you need to see ROI from your marketing efforts. 

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