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May 11, 2021 at 2:30 PM

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For well over 30 years, Jim Butler Chevrolet provided vehicle sales, service, and parts to the greater St. Louis area. Despite being a large part of the market for so long, they were having trouble maintaining their brand stature. To remedy this, they approached KMOV 4 Advertising to help them migrate their marketing strategy to more of a customer-based focus. They wanted to overcome the obstacles limiting their growth in the St. Louis market that could take the business to new levels. 

By partnering with KMOV 4 Advertising, Jim Butler Chevrolet could work with KMOV News Channel 4 to tie themselves to both the community and their customers and ultimately reach their goal. 

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The Problem 

The marketing goals and sales of Jim Butler Chevrolet had grown stagnant, which limited their potential growth, holding their successes at current levels. They wanted to shift their marketing strategy to have more customer focus, labeling their customers as The Powerhouse. They were also interested in having a daily presence within the local news to drive awareness of the company. 

We are known as the Chevy powerhouse here in the St. Louis Market. We were trying to migrate our marketing strategy to say our customers are the powerhouse, so we wanted a partnership that could help us achieve that. 

--Brad Sowers, President of the Jim Butler Auto Group  

 Their ultimate goal was to increase market success in the St. Louis area. Increasing their presence was the change needed to stir up their efforts and get their name in front of a newer audience.  

The Process 

Addressing Jim Butler Chevrolet’s problem with their marketing strategy required a complete understanding of their goals. Because the company had a clear objective, KMOV 4 Advertising could develop a solution.  

The process focused first on partnering with a highly respected news station like KMOV. The team at KMOV helped them update their strategy and reviewed all custom graphics and partnership elements as they were developed to ensure they portrayed a cohesive message across all marketing. 

We chose to go with KMOV because they're trustworthy, and they deliver. I knew I could count on them to deliver throughout the entire 18-month structure we have with them. 

--Brad Sowers, President of the Jim Butler Auto Group 

The ultimate measure was to involve the Skyzoom 4 helicopter. Since the helicopter had "Powerhouse Skyzoom 4" displayed on it, this tied the name of Jim Butler Chevrolet to their status as a powerhouse brand. The purpose here was to create a relationship between the two in the minds of potential customers.  

The Results   

The amount of exposure they received from the promotional commercials and digital elements exceeded Jim Butler Chevrolet's expectations. KMOV 4 Advertising helped them to resolve the challenges they were facing and reach their goals. Dianne Summers, their representative at KMOV 4 Advertising, remains in constant contact with them to ensure results are delivered. 

Our relationship with KMOV is great. From upper management to the field level, it's the best experience I've had in town. 

-- Brad Sowers, President of the Jim Butler Auto Group 

To determine the partnership’s success, the social, on-air, and KMOV 4 Advertising measured digital integration of the sponsorship. They found all efforts to be effective at continuing to result in growth. 

We as a business continue to show growth every month; we gain market share every month. And our partnership is a key component of our marketing strategies. 

--Brad Sowers, President of the Jim Butler Auto Group 

The relationship developed with local St. Louis news station KMOV because KMOV 4 Advertising and Jim Butler Chevrolet’s partnership put its brand in front of potential customers. It established the Jim Butler name as a powerhouse that consumers can trust. 

Partnering With KMOV 4 Advertising for Success 

Jim Butler Chevrolet needed to reassess their goals and improve their marketing strategy. By working with KMOV 4 Advertising as a media partner, they achieved that goal. The KMOV 4 Advertising team was able to help the client build a relationship with a local news station as desired. That worked to develop the brand into a powerhouse that people would recognize and want to do business with, thanks to the station’s reputation.  

Working with professionals who have the tools to develop your brand and bring awareness to it can be a worthwhile investment for your business. KMOV 4 Advertising offers strategic planning and research, TV advertising, OTT, streaming, social engagement, and digital, lifestyle, email, and cause marketing. As one of the community's top stations for news and entertainment, we are community-focused leaders in the media industry and a trusted advisor to businesses like yours. 

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