Get What You Pay For: 7 Things Your AD Agency Should be Doing for You

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December 4, 2019 at 8:15 AM

Get What You Pay For- 7 Things Your Ad Agency SHOULD Be Doing For You

When you own a business or you work on a marketing team for a business, you may feel the need to be the best at advertising your products. You want to capture the attention of potential customers through the right strategy. Hiring an ad agency is a good way to help with your goals; however, if you rush the decision you may overlook important details that would change your decisions. By clarifying what an ad agency should be doing for your business, it is easier to find the right professionals to help with your goals.

Creating Individual Solutions for your Business

When you are looking at how to get the best marketing creative team for your business, you want to ensure that the company is not taking a cookie-cutter approach to advertising. A key mistake that may arise when you hire the wrong ad agency is that they do not always create a custom strategy to address your needs as a business.

The best ad agencies take the time to learn about your business and understand your company. After they have a clear idea of your goals for the business, they develop a custom plan of action for your advertising. You want to work with an ad agency that creates an individual solution to accomplish your goals. They should be assisting  in the creative process at every level of your ad campaign.

Understanding your Customers and Target Audience

A key part of advertising is identifying and gathering data on  a target audience. That means you want to work with an ad agency that not only understands what you say about your existing customers, but also goes the extra step by asking the right questions to get a better idea of your target audience.

An effective ad agency isn't afraid to ask questions. Furthermore, the agency should use previous experiences and insights in other industries to help develop a plan that works well for a large-scale strategy. A quality agency will evaluate the demographic before identifying the right mediums for your ads. That ensures that you are reaching the right target audience when you start a new ad campaign.

Working on Proactive Strategies Rather than Reactive Strategies

Ad agencies that are proactive think about your best interests and desired goals. That means the agency is paying attention to articles or insights that may help with your objectives. They touch base with you when developing a new strategy and make sure that it aligns with your goals.

You want to work with an ad agency that is a consultative partner. An agency should not be checking off a list based on what you've said; instead, the agency should assist with the long-term plans you set for your business. Questions to ask before you work with an agency include:

  • Is the agency just waiting for instructions?
  • Does the agency come up with unique solutions to help your business grow?
  • Does the agency follow up with you on a regular basis?

If the agency is not following up, does not offer unique solutions, or is just waiting for instructions from your team, then it may not be a good fit for your business.

Measuring the Return on Your Investment

The return on your investment is a critical part of any advertising strategy. When you work with an agency, you want to ensure they measure the return on your investment. That does not always mean the marketing creative team is measuring a dollar for dollar return. Depending on the goals, it may be measuring interaction online, engagement from customers, and actual returns in relation to profits. Short-term measurements of success may focus on interaction, for example, while a long-term measure of success is profitability. The agency should give you percentages or real numbers to show growth, not just vague statements.

Finding Creative and Successful Options

How to get the best marketing creative team? Look for an agency that delivers results from creative ad campaigns. It is not enough to focus on creative campaign strategies. You need to see measurable success. That means you want a team that engages with customers creatively while also showing positive results in a campaign.

Using a Mixture of Mediums to Spread Your Message

Do not settle for an ad agency that limits your options for advertising. You want an agency that offers a mixture of mediums to spread your message and reach out to customers. In most cases, you want to use a combination of traditional and digital mediums for your ads. That means you are reaching a wider audience through a variety of sources.

Using Experience to Offer Advice

An agency should use experience to offer advice for your business. Before working with an agency, find out how long it has been in business and what companies it has helped in the past. Find out if the agency has delivered the type of success you want for your business. This can be shown through case studies provided by the agency. Experience plays a critical role in the potential results you may see for your business.

When you work with an agency that offers the skills you need, it helps you generate the results you expect. The key is evaluating an agency or media partner before you start working on a new advertising campaign to help your business grow and thrive.

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