Have Confidence Your Marketing Campaigns Will Work with These 5 Easy Steps

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January 22, 2020 at 10:42 AM

Have Confidence Your Marketing Campaigns Will Work with These 5 Easy Steps

Creating a successful marketing campaign can increase your brand awareness, your marketing share, and help you drive more leads and customers to your organization. However, brands that do not run well-managed campaigns often end up wasting resources and failing to realize the true potential of their campaign.

To build your confidence in creating a successful marketing campaign, here are a few techniques that you can use to maximize your budget and effectiveness.

How Do I Define a Clear Target Audience?

A clear target audience will allow you to determine precisely who you want to target with your campaign. You will determine this audience based upon your target market, those who are most likely to buy your product. This allows you to create marketing materials that directly answers the questions of these prospective customers.

Here is how to determine your target audience.

  1. Consider who your product is intended to help
  2. Look at who currently uses your product and or service
  3. Speak with current customers to see what motivates them to buy from you over the competition
  4. Examine market research to gain a better understanding of the needs within your target market and who will be the most likely to need your product.
  5. Create buyer personas to group your main types of buyers into categories. This will help you identify their key needs, objections, and motivations to help you create clear and targeted marketing campaigns.

The Importance of Setting Clear Goals for Your Campaign

Marketers who set clear goals for their campaigns are a shocking 376 percent more likely to report success than those who do not. Before you begin planning a marketing campaign, you need to know precisely what you want to accomplish. Setting one clear objective will help you determine which strategies will work best to accomplish your goal. It also gives you a metric to which you can measure your success. Without a clear objective, it is impossible to know if your campaign achieved your goal. This can lead to a wasted budget and ineffective marketing.

Consider what you want to accomplish with a particular campaign -- some options might be to drive sales, provide awareness, or increase foot traffic. It’s helpful to speak with people in other departments to see what goals they would like to reach. For example, if your website shows a high rate of traffic but a low rate of conversions, a campaign targeted towards those in the mid-funnel and bringing up conversion rates may fit best.

Determine Your Call-to-Action

Your call-to-action (CTA) outlines exactly what desired action you want your targeted customer to take. For example, this might mean signing up for an email list, registering for a webinar, or buying a product.

Your CTA should align with your goals for your campaign. It also needs to take into account when your targeted audience will be presented with this particular piece of content and where they are in their buyer’s journey. The CTA should focus on guiding them to the next stage of the journey by understanding their pain points and what they want to see from businesses.

You also want to take into account CTAs and campaigns you have done in the past. Pay attention to the success rates you saw, the language you used, and what you offered customers. When you personalize your call to action, you will see better results, as personalized CTAs perform better by 202 percent.

Select Your Social Media Channels

Considering that 79 percent of Americans have at least one social media channel, it is clear that these platforms make it easy to get in touch with prospective customers. You want to consider the channels that best target your customers. Through proper research, you should be able to determine where your targeted demographic is online and when to best reach them.

You should also consider the social media channels where you already have a strong following. See where you have been the most successful in engaging with your audience in the past and utilize that platform for your upcoming campaign. By using all of this information, you can determine which channels should be the most active in your campaign.

Once you select your social media channels, make sure that all the deliverables you promote work together and not against each other.

Optimize Your Website

Your campaign should have a unique landing page that has been designed specifically for this campaign. This landing page should consider your target audience and the specific need that you are trying to answer for this prospect. Consider what you want this potential customer to do next when engaging with your brand and then build a landing page that will nurture the prospect in this direction.

Marketing campaigns that have been appropriately targeted and designed to a specific audience have the ability to build your brand and engage potential customers. To help you achieve your optimal results, consider working with an experienced media company. Trusted media companies have the ability to guide you through the steps above, and help you manage and maximize your campaign.

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