The Key Performance Indicators You Should Be Tracking With Your TV Advertising

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November 19, 2019 at 10:52 AM

The Key Performance Indicators

One of the most critical steps in marketing is the analysis. After all, without monitoring your results, you will never know what works and what doesn't, and future marketing decisions will be simply a shot in the dark. It can be challenging to know what Key Performance Indicators (KPI) you should be looking at that are directly impacted by your TV advertising. Some people think this only means foot traffic or web traffic and revenue, but these aren't the only indicators. There are many signs that your advertising is working that you may notice before you see an increase in traffic and revenue.

Foot Traffic 

If TV advertising is working, one of the most visible signs is an increase in people coming into your business. Are you busier during slow seasons or days that were typically less busy? If you promote a particular event or sale and you see heavy foot traffic during those specifically advertised times, that is a sure sign your TV ad has increased business.

Social Network Followers 

Do you have more followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc.? Social media spikes may be more significant if you promote your social accounts in particular. Still, some people may look up your company on their own once they hear about it. This can be a good sign that consumers want to learn more but might not be ready to buy. Utilizing your social media accounts to "close the deal" is a great idea.

Increase in Sales Revenue 

How many items or services have been purchased, and what is the value? You won’t have to research to determine this metric—it is hard data you have available. If more people are buying, that means more people notice your brand.

Organic Traffic 

If you’re getting more organic traffic (from search engine searches, for instance), it could be that consumers see your commercial and then look up your company afterward. While you may have organic traffic just by customers “Googling” your industry, a spike after a TV ad often means something in your commercial was intriguing.

Website Conversion Rate 

When people come to your website, are they interacting? This could mean downloading an eBook, filling out a form, clicking on buttons or subscribing to your blog. Any interaction shows that there is interest. The typical website conversion rate is 2.35% on average, but the top 10% of companies can see three to five times that number—more conversions lead to more sales, so raising that number is key.

Website Traffic 

TV viewers interested in your commercial or your brand saw your commercial and then went online to look for you. It is smart to measure the number of visits on your website and track the pages they specifically went to in order to gauge their interest. Discovering whether new visitors checked out your homepage, subscription page, "about us” or other pages will also help you discover the customer journey of your audience and where they are in their buying process.

Once you start noticing an increase in any of these things, that means your TV advertising is working. There is no doubt about it. It is important to celebrate each increase because that means the hard work is paying off and results, in the form of increased revenue, will follow. 

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