Transitioning Back to Work: How to Tailor Your Message for Your Customers

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May 25, 2020 at 8:55 AM


Many businesses are eagerly preparing for the transition back to more normal business practices. Even if your business isn't opening just yet, consider starting to plan for how you will change your messaging for reopening. As you begin transitioning back to work, tailor your messaging to reflect the new changes and how they will affect your customers. Here are a few messaging ideas to tailor your ads directly to the consumer. 

Construct a ‘Welcome Back’ Campaign

Support from your customers is essential to your business, especially during a time of temporary closure. Their continued business and support have been essential as your business experienced challenges related to COVID-19. As you prepare to reopen your business, consider launching a ‘welcome back’ campaign to get your customers excited for your reopening.

Provide your customers with a positive message that thanks them for their continued support during this time. Let your customers know that you are eager to get back to working with them. For example, State Farm is giving customers a look at a "new normal" that can help define their current and future interactions with their insurance provider, promising them that "State Farm is there.” 

Inform Your Audience of New Operations

As businesses begin to reopen, operations and regulations will be different. Your messaging should reflect those changes so that your customers are aware of what to expect. Let customers know what you're asking of them in terms of safety precautions, as well as the precautions your business is taking. Whether it’s new guidelines and requirements, or a change in service, let your customers know how you will be keeping them safe when they visit your business.

When you reopen, some of your customers might not be able to visit your business right away. Keep them informed of all the ways in which you can still support them. Should you continue to offer curbside pick-up or delivery, communicate this with your customers so they are able to make the best decision on how to support your business.

For those customers planning to visit your business, provide them with the information on what they can expect. For example, if there will be lines, the requirement of masks and or gloves, any changes in the products or services being offered, or if you’re limiting the number of guests inside. Customers are seeking this information as they prepare to begin visiting their favorite businesses.

Tell Them the Next Steps

Tell your customers what you are doing to prepare for reopening, specifically how you are preparing for a safe and sanitary environment. Communicate your next steps with your customers through a commercial, social media, an email newsletter, or your website. 

When preparing your business for reopening, keep your customers informed by posting updates. For example, use your social media accounts to highlight the behind the scenes of what your business is doing in preparation for the doors to reopen. As consumers navigate this time and begin to make decisions on visiting businesses based on their personal needs, they will be looking for the precautions that businesses are taking. 

While businesses are preparing their business for customers, customers are preparing themselves to visit businesses again. In a time where everyone is navigating a new way of life, consumers are searching for information to help them feel comfortable when making their next steps. As you begin to transition back to work, tailor your message to your customer’s needs so you can inform them of the next steps while welcoming them back to your business.

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