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March 9, 2021 at 2:15 PM


We are KMOV 4 Advertising. We’re innovators, motivated to push the limits, think outside the box and succeed! We drive change and embrace it. We are passionate about the product we deliver and committed to the business and audience we serve. We strive to think bigger and do it all, with a lot of heart. Because of this, we asked our team why they love working for KMOV 4 Advertising - here's what they said. 

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Jeff Belgeri"I enjoy working at the KMOV 4 Advertising affiliate because of the company’s corporate culture and team concept; allowing me the autonomy to be creative and take on challenging opportunities."
-Jeff Belgeri

Jeff McCann“I hear companies say how much they value their employees and put their needs first and I always wonder how much of that is true. Here at KMOV 4 Advertising I can say that from the very top of the company on down to the local level, KMOV 4 Advertising truly does put their employees first.”
-Jeff McCann

Diane Summers"KMOV 4 Advertising is a team of professionals who are kind, knowledgeable, innovative and always puts our clients first. I am proud to be part of this team!"
-Diane Summers

Laura Landmann“I love to work at KMOV 4 Advertising because I’m a huge fan of quality News coverage and all things digital!”
-Laura Landmann

Julie McNamara"I love working for KMOV 4 Advertising because everyone shares the same vision of creating the best work environment possible. I enjoy being part of the advertising process that can change a client’s business."
-Julie McNamara

"Working for KMOV 4 Advertising gives you room to grow and create. We are constantly working toward building custom plans for clients and we are given such great support internally that it allows us to bring the client our best. It is great to be in such a supportive environment!"
-Red Team

It's clear that the team at KMOV 4 Advertising is passionate about helping their local community find business success. By working with an experienced and passionate media partner like KMOV 4 Advertising, you can leverage our experience, research, and relationships to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage and, ultimately, reach your business goals. For additional information on partnering with this incredible company, contact us today!

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