7 Ways To Get More ROI Out Of Your Marketing

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June 30, 2020 at 8:55 AM


You want to make the most out of all of your marketing efforts. The better your marketing functions, the greater the return on your investment. By carefully considering your target audience, tracking your analytics, and utilizing your available platforms and your marketing materials effectively, you can get more out of your marketing. This will allow you to expand your reach and better deliver what your customers need.

1. Create with your target audience in mind

When you create marketing materials, make sure you carefully consider the specific needs of your target audience. You need to know what gets their attention and what type of content is most likely to get their attention. For example, a furniture business that focuses on affordable furniture might target young couples with their ads, while a furniture business that focuses on luxury furniture may want to create their content with a target of an older audience.

When you create your ads with your target audience in mind from the beginning, you are more likely to see the results that you’re looking to achieve. Ads centered around the target audience have the ability to foster more of a connection and receive more engagement from those in which you are seeking.

2. Track your analytics

A large percentage of marketers have no idea how their marketing efforts are impacting their business. They do not know if their marketing efforts are reaching the right audience, or if they chose to market on the right channels. In order to improve your ROI and get more out of your marketing, track your analytics regularly so that you are able to see if your efforts are effective in real-time.

When you track your analytics, you will be able to see which types of campaigns reach your target audience more effectively, which platforms perform best, and where your traffic is coming from. As you track your analytics over time, you can get a better idea of exactly what your target audience wants from ads, which will allow you to deliver according to those needs.

3. Integrate all of your marketing efforts

Integrated marketing can deliver a 20% greater return on your initial investment. Ideally, you want to integrate your marketing efforts to create a consistent brand visual and marketing campaigns that work seamlessly between platforms. Utilize all your platforms and make sure your marketing works in tandem, rather than viewing each platform as its own entity. By integrating your marketing and having it work together, you have the opportunity to guide your audience from one place to the next, providing them with more information.

4. Automate email marketing

Seventy percent of companies believe that the ability to target customers directly represents one of the greatest benefits of automation, and with good reason. Automated emails allow you to reach out to customers based on specific target behaviors. When you automate your emails, you also decrease the odds that a customer will fall through the cracks, preventing you from making a sale.

Send out emails to customers who have recently made a specific purchase, joined your email list, or downloaded something from your website. When you automate those emails, you increase the customers' awareness of everything you have to offer without significantly increasing your budget. This is a great marketing strategy to stay connected with your audience in a more personalized way.

5. Repurpose your marketing materials

Your marketing materials, especially your creative, can often serve multiple purposes. Use your television ad on your social media platforms or even display it on your website. Repurposing existing materials is great for when you need to make a quick change or put out information last minute. By repurposing your existing advertising materials, you can decrease your ad spend while increasing your reach. Repurposing your existing marketing materials can also help create a sense of familiarity for your customers as they interact with your business.

6. Engage on social media

As a business, you must remain connected with your audience. Your customers no longer just want to know that your business has the products and services they need. They also want to connect directly with your business. Your social media efforts will also allow you to share essential information with your customers, keep them updated on the latest changes in your business, and provide important information about upcoming sales, promotions, and new products.

Your social media efforts allow you to keep in touch with your customers and be aware of their needs. As you connect on social media, do not just provide your audience with information. It’s also important to engage regularly with them so that you’re able to better understand what they’re looking for. The more you get to know your customers, the better you can deliver on their needs and expectations.

7. Work with a media partner

If you want to see more from your advertising efforts, consider working closely with a media partner. A media partner can provide you with more extensive market research and help you develop a deeper understanding of your customers' needs. Not only that, a media partner can help you prioritize your ad dollars, set effective marketing goals, and extend your reach. Many media partners will grow your audience by providing you with access to their email lists and boosting your business on social media alongside their trusted brand.

You want your ad dollars to be strategically implemented in multiple areas to produce the best ROI possible. By taking advantage of these critical strategies, you can get more out of all of your marketing efforts, expanding your reach and making it easier to connect with customers. Integrated marketing, working with a media partner, and keeping track of your analytics can help boost your marketing efforts for greater overall success.

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