7 Ways to Use All Media Channels for Your Recruitment Efforts

Julie McNamara

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April 14, 2022 at 1:30 PM

7 Ways to Use All Media Channels for Your Recruitment Efforts

Today's labor market, by and large, favors job candidates over employers. Applicants may have several offers on the table at once and the ability to choose the situation that is most aligned to their needs, interests, and goals. 

While this is undoubtedly good news for job seekers, it presents a unique set of challenges for business organizations. Many companies are desperately searching for qualified candidates to fill critical positions while competing against industry peers across a broad and deep talent pool.  

For many businesses, the development and execution of recruitment campaigns holds the key to successful hiring initiatives. However, such recruitment campaigns must be present across multiple channels for best results. 

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Making Multi-Platform Recruitment Campaigns  

With an integrated, unified approach to recruitment, you can effectively leverage all of your active platforms to attract top candidates. At the same time, your presence across multiple platforms can indirectly benefit your sales since your ads will also be visible to prospects and customers. Here are some key ways to make your multi-platform recruitment campaign a success:

1. Determine Who Your Most Likely Candidate Is

It's essential to understand your target candidate before investing heavily in specific recruitment platforms. For example, if you're hiring for a technical or managerial position, odds are your ideal candidate will be active on LinkedIn and other professional networks. In contrast, an entry-level position could indicate a shift towards more generalized platforms (online job boards, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) is in order. Of course, you should also consider the nature and effect of your local economy - especially on candidate skills and expectations. 

2. Run Ads on TV and OTT

By placing carefully developed recruiting ads on TV and OTT ("over the top") streaming programs, you'll gain access to a broad audience - the majority of whom likely already have jobs. However, if some users want a career change, these mediums are a golden opportunity for you to entice them away from their current employer. 

3. Target Interested Parties with Display Ad Campaigns

Targeted display ads can help you reach potential applicants as they browse online. It is often a more focused approach than posting onto a general job board since you can set the parameters for these ads and only target users who meet specific criteria. 

4. Engage with Candidates on Social Media

More and more job candidates are active on social media. Indeed, some applicants may even expect prospective employers to be available and active on major social media platforms. Engaging with candidates on social media by hosting Q&A sessions, responding to comments, and answering questions can leave a favorable, lasting impression on them. 

5. Run a Search Engine Campaign Showcasing Your Openings

It's no surprise that the average job-seeker uses the Internet - and more specifically, search engines like Google - as a primary means of research. Since your target candidates will already be there, why not leverage search engine ads to get noticed? You can bid on keywords for PPC (pay per click) ads related to your specific job openings, industry, and competition. 

6. Develop Culture Videos for Your Website

One of the main questions that may come up during an applicant's job search is: "What kind of culture does this company have?" If you want to put prospective candidates' minds at ease, consider developing and uploading "culture videos" to your website and social media accounts. You can use them as opportunities to demonstrate what your company is like, what your values are, and what benefits new hires would enjoy. As a bonus, you can likely produce such videos at minimal cost since they'll be set in your office, starring your current employees. 

7. Mention Job Openings at the End of Marketing Emails

Finally, you can also "plug" your current openings at the end of your marketing emails. You don't need to add long, highly detailed descriptions, as long as they get your company mentioned or attract people who are already familiar with your brand to some extent. 

The Importance of Recruiting Across All Channels  

In today's competitive job market, employers that want to attract and retain top talent must invest heavily in recruitment efforts. For the most part, that means advertising across as many channels as possible: search engines, social media platforms, TV, streaming services, and so on.  

Implementing such a multi-channel recruitment campaign is easier said than done. If you don't have the experience or the resources to achieve this yourself, consider working with a reputable media partner who can handle the heavy lifting for you. With such assistance, you'll be able to refocus on your core competencies and ensure that you select suitable candidates for your open positions, and provide them with the onboarding and training they need to succeed. 

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