Case Study Highlight: Appliance Retailer

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February 17, 2021 at 1:31 PM

Case Study Highlight: Appliance Retailer

Despite having extensive knowledge in their industry, offering competitive pricing, and being family-owned and operated, Appliance Discounters struggled to communicate their value to their target audience.

The St. Louis appliance retailer sought to build brand awareness, increase sales, and promote new store openings. To help reach their goals, they partnered with KMOV 4 Advertising. Their partnership has brought more brand awareness and established Appliance Discounters as a vital asset to the community. 

In the Appliance Discounters case study, John Bradley, Co-Owner of Appliance Discounters, discusses their problems, goals, processes, and results after experiencing one of their most successful campaigns yet.

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The Problem

Before expanding into broadcast television, Appliance Discounters was exclusively advertising on cable. They were struggling to reach the large St. Louis market to promote specific brands in their store. Sticking to traditional advertising methods, Appliance Discounters found it challenging to communicate that their business was expanding into multiple locations.

Since they had only advertised on cable before, they needed help determining how other options could work together. They wanted to invest in the right advertising methods specific to large markets and decided to see how KMOV 4 Advertising could do what cable could not - target the right people.

The Goal

When partnering with KMOV 4 Advertising, Appliance Discounters set clear and actionable goals they wanted to meet by the end of the campaign. While their main goal was to achieve more brand awareness in an oversaturated and large market, they also wanted to:

  • Increase sales of specific brands of appliances like GE, Bosch, and Thermador.
  • Expand their reach and get the attention of their target audience.
  • Bring more awareness that they were expanding and adding more stores.

The Process

One of KMOV 4 Advertising's first moves was to update Appliance Discounters' advertising strategy and create/implement a custom digital plan. This meant moving them away from traditional cable methods and transitioning to broadcast television, among other tactics. 

Appliance Discounters also became a sponsor for the weekly 'Doug Unplugged' show to reach their desired audience. As a prominent source for local news, weather, traffic, and sports, 'Doug Unplugged' connected Appliance Discounters with a large portion of the St. Louis market who tuned in for the latest news and entertainment. 

KMOV 4 Advertising's process ensured that the right plan was in place by adjusting elements until everyone was satisfied. This included working closely with Appliance Discounters to help them communicate and prepare for commercials, which Bradley said was their favorite part of working with KMOV 4 Advertising.

The Results

Throughout the campaign, Appliance Discounters opened more stores, bringing their total number to six outlets. They promoted company-wide sales exclusively through KMOV 4 Advertising's TV station. Holidays, in particular, have brought a significant increase in sales since being exclusively promoted on KMOV. 

Appliance Discounters has seen improved sales year-over-year. Due to these successes, they have been running campaigns through KMOV 4 Advertising's properties for over five years.

"We have seen a definite increase in visibility in the market. We inquire with all of our customers about how they heard about us, so we have a good feel of how important advertising is and what the best source is," says Bradley. "Our TV commercials, which we only run on Channel 4, are the main way people hear about us."

By working with KMOV 4 Advertising, Appliance Discounters solved their problem and met their marketing goals of increasing sales, expanding their reach in the St. Louis market, and bringing more attention to their expansion into more locations. 

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