More Web Traffic, More Foot Traffic, More Leads: Top 3 Ways TV Advertising Can Help

Michele Bailey

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August 25, 2020 at 8:55 AM

More Web Traffic, More Foot Traffic, More Leads Top 3 Ways TV Advertising Can Help

TV ads may only last 60 seconds, but it takes a lot of work behind the scenes to make them happen. Within those 60 seconds, you have the potential to create a highly effective ad that can significantly improve the success of your overall advertising efforts. In fact, a television ad can increase the overall effectiveness of your campaign by as much as 40%. They offer several advantages that drive web traffic, foot traffic, and leads to your business. 

1. TV Ads are Memorable

Commercials deliver a multi-sensory experience to the consumer. They can see your product, often in high-definition detail. In addition to the visual aspect, they can hear about your product which likely includes mood-evoking music that can help create an emotional connection. While TV ads cannot actually let customers taste and touch the product, they can certainly evoke those sensations. Imagine a great hamburger commercial. The hamburger almost seems to come off of the screen. You can practically smell the beef and hear the sizzling, and your mouth may well start watering as you imagine that familiar flavor. 

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Allowing consumers to see, hear, and read ads will create a greater emotional response. Consider, for example, the iconic Coca-Cola polar bears commercials that appear around the holidays. These ads often create a deep emotional response in consumers, causing them to associate a feeling of warmth and comfort with their favorite soda. 

TV ads remain one of the most profitable forms of advertising. Eighty-six percent of TV campaigns deliver a profitable return in investment, including increased foot traffic and increased sales in-store.  

2. They Have Unparalleled Reach

An astounding 95% of U.S. consumers see TV ads, significantly more than other forms of advertising. Many forms of digital advertising, for example, rely on customers coming to you by using specific search terms or looking for you on social media. TV ads, on the other hand, can effectively reach out to a wide range of consumers from many different backgrounds. 

TV also allows for customization when targeting your audience. You can maximize the effectiveness of your reach by segmenting according to programming, time of day, channels, and networks as they align with your target audience. This, in turn, can help generate more leads. Not only does it put your brand in front of more people, but it can also help you focus on the audience most likely to be interested in what you have to offer. 

3. TV Ads Drive Brand Awareness

By giving you the opportunity to establish your brand identity in creative ways, TV ads help you attach your personality to a service or product. Consumers can put a face to your brand, whether that's the face of an iconic celebrity or the face of your team. You can also use your TV ads to share your core values, provide more information about a cause you support, or explain what sets your brand apart. TV ads are the ideal medium for telling a brand story. 

Think about ads for car dealerships. They include fast-moving vehicles that shine as they move around a track or over rugged terrain, depending on the type of vehicle. These ads showcase what the brand believes in. Are they focused on speed? Quality? Safety? The attributes they focus on during the ad showcase what’s important to the brand as a whole. Likewise, your TV ads have the potential to share what's important to your brand. 

That same focus and sharing can also help bring customers straight to your website. As many as 88% of Americans now use their phones or other devices while watching TV. That means that when they see an ad for a company they care about, they can quickly perform a search for that brand, whether that means getting ready to make a purchase or connecting with the brand on social media. 

Even in our digital age, TV advertising still reigns supreme. Well run TV ads produce between 300% and 500% ROI.  They remain a highly effective form of advertising that can help marketers reach more interested consumers. Putting your brand in front of the masses helps create more brand awareness. For many businesses, it means ensuring that when consumers are ready to make a purchase, they know about your brand and can consider it as a solution. Not every consumer is ready to make a purchase the moment they see an ad--but some of them could be. Ultimately, TV ads will drive more web traffic, more foot traffic, and more leads to your business by creating an emotional connection with your customers and driving the growth of your business.  

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