St. Louis Sports Marketing: Why is it so Important and How Can Your Business Get Involved?

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July 23, 2020 at 8:55 AM


This year, sports are more anticipated than ever. Due to the shutdown and cancellation of sports, fans are more eager and excited for the upcoming sports seasons. Sports represent a return to a sense of normalcy, as well as the connection and entertainment sports fans look forward to every year. If you have avoided sports marketing in the past, this is the ideal year to make a move toward a marketing plan that could help you achieve new goals. 

What is Sports Marketing?

Sports marketing is any type of marketing that allows you to align your business alongside a sports team or game that has the potential to attract the interest of locals. For example, you might try:

  • Creating television commercials that directly reference upcoming games
  • Chatting about upcoming games with your audience on social media
  • Using sports-related promotions, such as offering a percent-off coupon when your home team wins

Why is Sports Marketing Important?

A huge percentage of the American population is engaged with sports. In 2019, an average of 66,151 people were in attendance at each NFL game. Americans spend around $56 billion on sports each year.

Whether you offer sports-related items or tie your business into the hype related to local sports teams and their games, you have the potential to take advantage of the sports phenomenon. Many sports fans are highly emotionally involved with their teams. They celebrate when their team wins, feel the same devastation as the players when the team loses, and want to connect with and support the businesses that also support local teams.

Through sports marketing, your brand can take advantage of that emotion and tie it back to your business. Imagine, for example, that you offer a Game Day Special at your restaurant or provide a ‘Home Team Win Discount’ at your car dealership following a successful game. Not only do these strategies give your customers an incentive to come in and take advantage of them, but they can also align your brand with that excitement, drawing them to your business over your competitors. 

Sports marketing can also help expand your reach considerably. Local sports fans are also taking in the commercials during the game, watching pregame content, or checking out the highlights afterward. When you position your brand in those spaces, you can expand your reach to put your business in front of new potential customers. Sports marketing allows you to reach a large audience all at the same time, including people from multiple demographics. When you position your brand with local sports teams and games, you reach a wide viewer base across the St. Louis area.

How to Get Involved with Sports Marketing in St. Louis

St. Louis sports fans are incredibly loyal to their home teams. By engaging in sports marketing, you can capitalize on that loyalty. There are multiple ways that you can get involved with sports marketing in the St. Louis area. Consider putting together a TV commercial that airs before, during, or after a game. You don’t just have to focus on the game itself, either. Pre-game footage or post-game highlights all attract a wide audience, and you can position your brand alongside those times to help expand your reach without the higher price that often comes along with commercials aired during the game itself. 

Your digital marketing efforts can also contain connections to St. Louis sports. Start the conversation on your social media channels. Advertise gameday deals or encourage customers to check out what you have to offer that will enhance their viewing experience. Highlight when customers need to place an order in order to have it there in time for the big game. Discuss how your brand can help benefit customers who are preparing for a great game experience, whether they're tailgating or preparing for a fantastic day at home watching on their personal televisions. 

You might also choose on-air sponsorships that will allow you to make the most of sports marketing opportunities. Consider sponsoring a specific segment that relates to your team. For example, a segment that highlights the best of your local team, one that discusses the team's chances for the season, or even one that offers recipes for upcoming games. If you're struggling to find the right segment or strategy for your brand, a media partner can help you get more involved with St. Louis sports.

Sports marketing has the potential to offer incredible advantages to your business. This year, it's likely to be bigger than ever. St. Louis fans love their football, and have adopted the Kansas City Chiefs as their home team. According to Nielsen TV, St. Louis was ranked #1 among Adults 18-49 and 25-54 during the Chiefs vs 49ers, even beating out San Francisco fans in this year's Super Bowl. By putting together your strategy now, especially in connection with a local media partner, you can expand your ability to reach your target audience and deepen your connection with St. Louis sports fans.