The Ugly Truth About Your Advertising

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September 22, 2020 at 11:51 AM

The Ugly Truth About Your Advertising

DIY marketing has been on the rise as more and more businesses attempt to cut costs by doing their own advertising. Unfortunately, this exciting and cost-saving business opportunity often fizzles before it even gets going. That’s because marketing takes time. Many of the tasks are incredibly time-consuming and often involve lots of moving parts - and even more attention to detail. If you don’t have the bandwidth to seriously commit to your marketing efforts, you may inadvertently waste time, energy, and money in the process.

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If you’re still on the fence about handling your advertising efforts, consider this - almost 95% of internal data remains untapped by companies. This data has the potential to take your marketing game to a whole new level.

Below we will examine some ugly truths about DIY advertising that are keeping your business from reaching its full potential. We’re also going to show you how working with an experienced media partner can be the solution you need to create and execute the ideal marketing plan to achieve your business goals. Let’s get started!

You're Not Advertising Long Enough

One of the first mistakes companies make when they decide to handle their own advertising is that they only market around sales and promotions rather than building brand awareness. If you only advertise at specific points of the year, you miss getting your consumer's attention. Without this attention, you lose out on repeat purchases, increased market shares, and incremental sales. 

To truly maximize the results of your advertising efforts, consider the benefits of long term advertising versus short-term advertising

  • Long-term advertising: Promotional exposure over the long haul ultimately leads to personal exposure to a product. This, in turn, can lead to higher sales, increased revenue, and more loyal customers. 
  • Short-term advertising: If you are looking for an immediate response, then short-term advertising provides better results. This is especially so when you are trying to convince a potential customer to buy a particular service or product from you within the next few days or weeks. 

Consider brands like Dove, Nike, Tide, and Gillette, who all use long-term advertising strategies to get results. Dove's 'Real Beauty' campaign, for instance, ran for 15 years and helped jump sales from $2.5 to $4 billion in the campaign's first ten years.

You Can't Do it All by Yourself through Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is an immense opportunity to get your brand noticed by potential customers. However, you need more than a few paid ads to see results. When you have a social media strategy, it can help you build a strong and organic presence online. Plus, you can create and schedule your ads in advance. This strategy can help you stay relevant with your customers, save you time, and make sure all of your goals are covered. 

While considering the components of a robust media strategy, you need to understand that it goes beyond surface-level planning. Effective advertising involves more than just sending out a random Tweet about your service or product. Rather, it is about knowing the audience you want to reach, the hashtags you need to use, and the specific content you need to promote, so your potential consumers will engage with your brand. The more you post high-quality, relevant content, the higher your chance of turning a follower into a loyal customer. 

When brands optimize their social media strategy, they realize that it really works. In fact, over 73% of marketers believe social media marketing has been effective for their business. 

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You Don't Know Your Target Audience 

If you don’t know who your target audience is, you miss out on a lot of opportunities. Specifically, advertising on platforms where your audience can be found, and advertising during times they are online or watching TV. It’s essential to acknowledge that 51% of consumers believe brands send too much irrelevant content. On that note, 56% of consumers believe that businesses need to have a deeper understanding of their personal needs. If you genuinely want to get ahead, you need to identify your target audience and serve them ads that address their specific needs. 

Look closely at ads in the healthcare industry and you’ll find that they really understand their target audience and how to craft content that they can identify with. Commercials often involve someone describing aches and pains similar to that of the viewer. As a result, this ad identifies a problem that the viewer may have and also suggests a potential treatment option using their product. 

Your Customers Want to Be Entertained

Advertising can provide your business with immense growth opportunities. Yet, when you first enter the world of marketing, it can all be quite overwhelming. With all the different channels and platforms, it can leave many scratching their heads, trying to figure out where to even start. However, when you decide to work with the right media partner, you can leverage their resources and creativity to launch a more successful and engaging advertising campaign that can truly help your business take off.  

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