Why (and How) Your Medical Spa Should Be Advertising

Aubrey Brouk

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October 29, 2021 at 10:35 AM

Why (and How) Your Medical Spa Should Be Advertising

It's no secret that the self-care industry is growing at a rapid rate, set to grow at a 15% rate over the next decade, mainly due to increased demand for evidence-based and medical-grade tools and services among consumers. Whether your medical spa is already well established or is just getting off the ground, devising a comprehensive marketing strategy early on can only benefit your brand as the market among medical spas becomes more and more competitive.  

Learn more about the benefits of marketing for medical spas and medical spa advertising tips below!  

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Why Medical Spas Should Invest in Marketing 

Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 10.31.35 AMMedical spas provide a wide variety of beauty services in a more medical, science-based manner. Supervised by specialized physicians, medical spas often have licensed nurses and other medical professionals on staff. The menu in medical spas is also less focused on relaxation, like traditional spas, and concentrates more on lasting results with medical-grade tools and procedures.  

The medical spa industry has grown at an average rate of 20% each year since 2013. Though women comprise approximately 85% of current medical spa customers, more men have begun to seek out these services and will do so in the future. Their clientele is already more diverse than ever, and it appears that this trend will only continue.  

Strategic advertising can allow your business to attract people from all different backgrounds and needs to provide your high-quality services to more people than you had ever thought possible. That is especially true when you decide to work with a media partner that can help you build an effective game plan or implement your strategy.   

Medical Spa Marketing Strategies 

Before starting or changing any marketing campaign, there are a few key considerations to ponder. Perhaps the essential aspect of any marketing campaign is determining who your target customers are. Consider the type of person, or people, who are most likely to visit your medical spa to tailor your marketing campaign for med spa lead generation.   

From there, it's crucial to decide on your brand messaging. Brand messaging can be a tricky aspect of marketing, as it's often difficult to convey your company's entire value system, intentions, and personality across all channels consistently. People will visit your spas for different reasons, usually determined by their spending power or age. A cost-conscious college student may visit your spa for relaxation or preparation for a major event, like a wedding, job interview, or graduation ceremony. Whereas working professionals or older people likely can attend more regularly to maintain their appearance or reverse the effects of aging. 

Develop Your Website 

Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 10.31.42 AMNumerous medical spas offer quality services, but potential clients may not realize that if they have outdated or inaccessible websites. Customers want a great experience from start to finish, and the first leg of their journey often starts at your website. Investing resources into creating an attractive, easy-to-use website that's consistent with your brand messaging can make a significant difference in the volume of customers your business sees over time.  

Your website should have a crisp, clean look that matches your service professionalism. Include all the relevant information about your offerings and pricing if it's a relevant consideration. Take steps to help potential customers understand how their experience will be by adding photos of your facility and customer testimonials to show other customer's positive experiences.  

Implement Email and Content Marketing 

As medical entities, establishing brand authority and credibility is crucial for winning over customers and bring in new customers. Develop a blog on your website, paired with email marketing to send out posts, to update regular clients to new offerings, and tips for at-home self-care. These are vital facets of a lead nurturing strategy since developing your blog, and SEO capabilities give people a new access route to your website that helps you create a quality email list. 

Email consistently remains the most effective tool to communicate with customers directly. By creating an email list that allows you to send customers updates and deals, you can increase your chances of seeing customers come back for services again and again. However, having a solid content strategy additionally gives you more content to send to customers and improves your overall website health. Aside from blog posts, you can also create videos detailing your facilities or interviewing your medical staff to share their expertise. Doing so provides value to your customers, making them more likely to trust you and feel comfortable becoming one of your patrons. 

Form a Loyalty Program  

Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 10.31.47 AMThe main goal of advertising is to turn non-customers into one-time customers and convert those customers into regulars. Loyalty programs are a highly effective way to turn past customers into regulars, especially when you offer an enticing reward after several visits. Taking this further by including an additional referral program helps you expand your clientele through word-of-mouth. Any medical facility can create a hurdle for new customers, who may feel anxious about scheduling their first appointment. Having a friend refer you quells any of those concerns, helping you earn customers who will likely maintain loyalty once they experience your quality service. 

Conduct a Digital Ad Campaign 

Digital ad campaigns effectively recruit new or past customers using a combination of your website, social media, and all other digital marketing channels. They reach people while researching, getting your ads before them while they're in a mindset to schedule an appointment. Furthermore, you can target ads to people who already show interest in the types of services you offer, even if they weren't ready at the initial touchpoint to schedule. The more they see your ads, the more you can sway them to schedule a later appointment.  

Create a Commercial 

Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 10.31.52 AMMedical spas have a lot of information about their facilities to share, and creating a TV commercial helps you efficiently and persuasively share that information. It allows you to show customers what you have to offer while providing in-depth insight into your expertise. TV entices viewers and helps attract those new to medical spas or convince those regularly attending a competitor to visit you instead.  

Furthermore, you can get more reach from TV commercials by airing them on OTT platforms as well. They benefit from having analytics to pair ads based on location or likely interest based on show viewership. Since viewers choose what to watch and when, OTT ads don't have time limitations and can reach customers at all hours.   

Consider Working with a Media Partner  

Implementing a DIY approach to marketing is particularly satisfying once you learn the ins and outs. While many business owners enjoy the ongoing learning process of tweaking ads and conducting market research to better their approach, the process takes a lot of time and many hurdles that often feel overwhelming. Investing in a media partnership gives you access to expertise early, helping you get your ads up and running and quickly bringing in new customers. 

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