4 Tips for Lifestyle Marketing That Speaks to Your Target Audience

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May 20, 2021 at 10:11 AM

4 Tips for Lifestyle Marketing That Speaks to Your Target Audience

If your brand can heighten consumers lives, making it easier for them while also helping them feel better about their lives, then lifestyle marketing may be a good fit for you. Lifestyle marketing is an approach to marketing that develops an association with your brand and the lifestyle ideals your target audience aspires to have in their life. It focuses on aligning your brand with the products or services as a representation of their self-image so customers put your offers in that same light. 

Some of the most successful lifestyle marketing belongs to the iPhone. Apple has turned its smartphone into one of the most popular devices, despite how little many people know about the technology involved. The association of being an iPhone user gives many people the incentive to pay a premium price, where many will be just as well-suited with similar, less expensive devices. Owning an iPhone helps them feel like they’re ahead of the trend and leading the pack.  

When you implement a lifestyle marketing plan that resonates with your target audience, you show them how your products fit into their lives. You can incorporate elements of this strategy into your existing campaigns to give them a better benefit to consumers. Here are a few tips for successfully launching a lifestyle marketing strategy.    

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1. Figure Out Who You Want To Reach 

Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 10.16.36 AMThe most important step in any marketing strategy is getting a clear understanding of your target audience. Creating a detailed buyer persona will let you form an idea of who benefits most from your product and how they are likely to use it. Get as descriptive as possible, beyond just age group and basic demographics to really pinpoint your audience. You want to learn as much as you can about them, including hobbies, their jobs, and even what TV shows they watch and how they watch them. 

Once you understand the buyers you’re trying to appeal to, you will have a better idea of the lifestyle they’re living or the one they want to achieve. You can use that information to shape how you reach and appeal to this audience, like whether you want to lean into luxury elements rather than outdoor adventure.

2. Show Off Your Products On Lifestyle Shows 

Sponsoring segments on a lifestyle program is a fantastic way to demonstrate what your product can do and showcase it to your audience. It allows you more time to communicate the benefits of your brand as well as offer tips on how to use your product. You can also effectively show your product off on the air to a much larger audience than you might encounter otherwise.  

News 4 Great Day is one such lifestyle and entertainment program on KMOV-TV Channel 4. This hour-long weekday program features local stories, celebrity interviews, and advice on health, education, finance, style, beauty, and home improvement. Your sponsorship provides multiple ways to share your message with viewers. 

  • Live in the studio 
  • Live on location 
  • A pre-produced segment 
  • Custom sponsorship 
  • Facebook Live 

You can also take advantage of the supplemental elements, like placement on their website and social media. By becoming a guest on Great Day Extra Live on Facebook, you get the opportunity to interact in real-time with consumers. You can also share your segment from the News 4 Great Day website. This type of engagement helps to spread awareness, increase trust, and build your brand

To explore this option and get help in determining what type of sponsorship will be best for your business, contact your media partner

3. Demonstrate Your Product(s) Online

Using your website and social media to post online demonstration videos allows you to showcase how your brand fits into the consumer lifestyle while making it more easily accessible to people as they’re researching products.  

Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 10.16.28 AMUse your website or social sites like YouTube to place videos that explain who you are and how to use your product. An informative YouTube ad can familiarize your audience with your facility and give information on how to make a purchase. You can take this a lot further than simply posting product demonstrations too by posting videos about your company culture, highlighting products, expertise, and even your team members. That will communicate a wholesome, authentic culture behind your products. 

Millennial audiences alone report spending an average of 7.2 hours online daily. If your marketing speaks to them, demonstrating your products online is one of the best ways to get their attention. 

4. Utilize Social Media To Connect To Your Audience 

Social media is a good place to promote your products and engage with customers. Figure out where your audience spends its time socially and optimize your content for those channels to engage with your audience. You can join conversations related to your industry or address concerns or compliments. Taking it further, you can create relevant, mobile friendly marketing to post on social media channels. That includes making specific ads for social media, as well as boosting posts for increased visibility. The goal is to develop a relationship of trust with your target audience, so it’s key to maintain the same brand voice and story across these channels, as on your website. You want to maintain brand consistency so people going to your website will seamlessly make the transition, instead of being confused if the aesthetic styles don’t match.  

The best thing about social media is the opportunities it creates. You can nurture a better relationship with your target audience when you are able to address their concerns directly. Engaging with them online is also a fantastic way to build your brand voice and tone. 

Lifestyle marketing appeals to the consumers you want to reach by presenting your products in a friendly way. Whether you're interested in exploring social media, print ad placement, or lifestyle television programming, working with an experienced media partner can help you achieve these goals while taking some of the strain off you. 

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