How to Tell Customers You're Open and Improve Business During Covid

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October 5, 2021 at 2:19 PM

How to Tell Customers You're Open and Improve Business During Covid

Even as the number of vaccinations increases, autumn is bringing more pandemic uncertainty around different businesses. As the season approaches, advertisers need to give customers more peace of mind by addressing their concerns. Reassure and connect with your audience during these still-uncertain times by framing advertising messaging around the pandemic.   

Here are some steps you can take to communicate that you are open and if your business has any requirements to keep customers informed and improve your business.   

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Choose Your Messaging Based on Your Customers  

To guide your marketing strategy during Covid-19, start by carefully composing the message you want to send. Keep in mind that different customers will have different comfort levels. Because of this, you'll want to determine which messaging will best resonate with your target customers based on their individual preferences.   

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Connect with customers using verbiage around mask mandates, vaccination requirements, or lack thereof. In some cases, customers may have mixed feelings, which can warrant hybrid solutions such as offering online ordering or curbside pickup. Conduct audience research through customer surveys and other interactions to determine a clearer picture of where your customers' preferences lie. With these insights, you can begin developing the message that they want to hear from you. 

Implement Ad Messaging Using an Integrated Approach 

The internet has been an invaluable asset for businesses that adjusted to online sales amid the pandemic. The generally unpredictable nature of the pandemic means that continuing to integrate online operations may be a reasonable and necessary step. A lot of company internet use involves digital marketing because it's the timeliest and easiest to update. You can implement these campaigns quickly and instantly modify them from digital image ads to video ads on websites or over-the-top (OTT) streaming services. 

Even if you use traditional advertising or rely on foot traffic, developing a strong online presence brings many benefits. With effective online and traditional ads combined, you can stay engaged with previous customers while attracting new ones. As you analyze the performance of your campaigns, you can better determine how to create the best online ads. Eventually, you'll benefit from increased online visibility, along with enhanced brand awareness and recognition among audiences.   

You can also cross-promote the ad channels you use to deliver your message and improve response. For instance, you can include your company's web address in a TV commercial to encourage people to visit your website or follow you on social media. In turn, you can launch locally targeted online ads that detail your nearest location and encourage people to physically visit your business, even if you are only offering curbside services. 

How to Inform Customers of the Precautions Used in Your Store

Screen Shot 2021-10-04 at 2.15.39 PMInform potential customers early and often about the precautions used to keep in-store shoppers safe during the pandemic. Local mandates and in-store policies change frequently and suddenly, making it difficult for shoppers to keep track of these changes. After all, city and county mandates can change with little notice and differ from place to place, even amongst neighboring areas.  

Use your digital channels, like social media and your website, so shoppers can learn the guidelines and requirements concerning mask-wearing, vaccination statuses, and safety practices before they reach your location to ensure they have what they need to enter. Additionally, posting a sign on your door will reinforce or alert customers of any last-minute changes, saving them from potential embarrassment.    

Many customers will appreciate knowing the precautions implemented to keep them safe, as it may help put their minds at ease and show them you value their well-being.  

Use Digital Advertising to Reach Audiences and Keep Your Business Running 

Although you may be anxious about your business's future as the pandemic continues to affect your industry, there are ways to overcome many challenges. Digital channels allow flexibility when informing customers quickly of sudden changes. Whereas integrated ad campaigns, with both digital and traditional advertising, ensure you reach the best volume of people with ongoing ads and thrive despite the current hardships. Including messaging regarding current safety guidelines and mandates helps build trust among safety-conscious consumers and ensures your business doesn’t fall victim to shopper uncertainty.   

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