The Top 6 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Home Improvement Business

Julie McNamara

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January 13, 2021 at 1:15 PM

The Top 6 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Home Improvement Business

The home improvement industry is stronger than it has been in over ten years. Due to a nationwide shortage of housing combined with record-high home prices, more homeowners are staying in and improving their properties rather than buying or building new ones. 

Homeowners across the board want to spend time sprucing up their houses right now. While DIY projects remain popular, home remodels, reconfiguration, and many upgrades require professional contractors to complete them. There has never been a better time to advertise your home improvement business.

Here are the top 5 creative ways to do so.

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1. Showcase Your Work

The Top 6 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Home Improvement BusinessUse before and after pictures to showcase remodeling jobs that your company has completed. High-resolution photographs, along with transformation videos, will illustrate for potential clients what you specialize in. Social media sharing sites such as Instagram and TikTok make it easy to upload visual samples of your work so that you can demonstrate what you do.

Share your visual media across multiple platforms for the greatest impact.

2. Sponsor Lifestyle Segments

You can gain brand awareness by sharing your expertise with the community. Lifestyle-oriented programming is a good place to market your business as those tuning in are interested in maintaining a lifestyle, including upgrading their homes. When you place your ads alongside topics related to the service you provide, consumers see it and associate your brand with one that understands their home improvement needs.

Work with a media partner to sponsor segments on their lifestyle shows and offer tips and tricks to the audience. This will establish you as an expert in your field.  

3. Start a Social Media Competition

The Top 6 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Home Improvement BusinessA social media competition is a great way to spark potential business. Give participants a task to complete that will enter them into the running. You can make it something fun like completing a small project in their homes, documenting it with a picture, and then submitting the photograph to win.

Pick something to give the winner, such as a free consultation or 10% savings for first-time customers. The reward can be as large or small as you like, but make sure it is valuable enough to get people interested.  

4. Create an Email Newsletter Series

Email marketing boasts an extremely high ROI. In 2020, every dollar spent marketing via email saw a $42 return. You can't go wrong with an email campaign, as it is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach out to customers.

Contact existing clients with fun and easy projects that they can do themselves. Remind past clients that you are available should they need your services again. Advertise sales and specials exclusive to email subscribers to keep customers feeling like they are important to you. Include content that is meant to educate the customer, like information on the latest building products or wall colors that are popular for the season. 

Reach out to potential new customers with the help of a marketing partner who can provide email opportunities targeting other homeowners in your coverage area.

Email makes it easy to remain top of mind for your target audience because your message can reach a high percentage of the community. Remember that it is not always the biggest discount that drives traffic. The timely, necessary sales that occur at the right time are just as effective. 

 5. Run a Commercial

The Top 6 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Home Improvement BusinessTelevision advertising is not as expensive as you might think it is, and it happens to be the perfect way to show and tell the audience about your work. A commercial can help potential customers feel like they know you and your work before they ever meet you. When you run an ad alongside programming that is important to the consumers you want to reach, your home improvement business is seen as one that can assist customers in achieving their dreams as homeowners.

6. Hire a Media Partner

Now is a good time for home improvement companies to market their services. Rather than purchasing a new house, existing homeowners are choosing to upgrade the features of their current homes, remodel, redesign, and add additional square footage. Your home improvement business can capitalize on that reality with the right marketing strategy.  

Your media partner can help you with home improvement advertising ideas that will get the attention of the customers you want to attract. 

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