Tips for Creating an Eye-Catching TV Commercial

Aubrey Brouk

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June 3, 2021 at 12:15 PM

Tips for Creating an Eye-Catching TV Commercial

Investing in TV can increase overall advertising effectiveness by up to 40%, with the chance to significantly boost ROI. If you're not using TV to your advantage, you're missing out on a huge opportunity to reach and connect with audiences of all types. Millions of people are familiar with TV commercials but have little idea of what goes into making them. High-quality commercials are invaluable advertising tools that can yield excellent results by extending awareness of your brand, and do them effectively, there are specific guidelines you need to follow. 

To get the most from this medium, it's essential to know which steps to take when creating commercials for your business. The following are some tips for successful TV commercials that can get you started. 

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Decide What Goals You Want to Achieve 

The design of your TV commercials will vary depending on what you want to achieve with them. Keep in mind that you'll use entirely different formats whether you want to increase sales or build awareness for your brand.   

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You need to narrow your messaging to create a more memorable commercial instead of trying to say too much at once. Generally, the most appropriate length for commercials today is around 30 seconds. That gives you plenty of time to capture audiences with an engaging and memorable ad that can build awareness and drive action. Commercials of different lengths, like those as short as 15 seconds or as long as 60 seconds, are also highly effective, depending on what you want to achieve. 

Design Your Message for Your Audience 

You'll be able to get better results from your commercial if you narrow your message specifically to those in your target audience. You should also consider creating different commercials that appeal to different segments of your audience. 

To do this, you need to identify your target audience, which can be done in several different ways depending on your needs. One method is to use engagement metrics and key performance indicators from existing ads to figure out who your ads are reaching. Another is to perform more in-depth audience research using surveys to develop a buyer persona. You can also work with a media partner who has experience conducting this research to relieve some pressure on your in-house team. Your media partner can also help create your ad to ensure it resonates with who you’re trying to reach. 

Once you've decided on what message you want to achieve, as well as who it's for, you must keep in mind that a single commercial won't be able to encapsulate your entire brand. Instead, break down your messaging to highlight more minor aspects of your brand in each ad. Then, you'll want to use your overall marketing mix to expand your brand image. You only have around 30 to 60 seconds at most to say what you want to in an engaging ad, so it's best to consider it as a single part of a comprehensive marketing campaign. Using a mix of both TV and digital marketing efforts and other media helps you effectively build awareness and recognition. 

Be Memorable Creatively 

Your commercials need to grab your audience's attention quickly, as people decide whether they will tune in or out within the first three seconds. Creatively portraying your ad message can help you stray from the mold and hold people's attention. At the same time, you need to be sure to stay true to your brand. If you lose sight of your brand's identity to engage audiences, you'll build an inaccurate picture of who you are through your ads. 

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Consider using a catchy jingle for your phone number or a tagline to be memorable without relying on repetition. You can also use influencers or brand representatives to put a familiar face to your brand, making your company appear more human. Regardless of your creative decision here, you should perform careful and thorough research to test out these marketing materials before implementing them to a broad audience. A bad jingle or representative could make your brand memorable for all the wrong reasons.  

Represent Your Brand 

People resonate more with messages that feel genuine, which especially applies to businesses that have to convince customers of their message's authenticity. Communicating a compelling brand story can put a personal take on your brand. It can also present plenty of information about your values without explicitly stating them. 

The more authentic your ads come across, the more you'll be able to establish a strong connection with target audiences. Nobody likes feeling as though they're merely being sold something, but with creative and genuine messaging that's truly reflective of your brand, you can show that you share the same values as them. In turn, you'll be able to build trust among your audiences and further encourage them to take the desired action. 

Develop A High-Quality Commercial to Attract New Customers 

Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 9.31.21 AMUltimately, a high-quality commercial communicates a lot of quality and care for your brand, raising awareness and expanding sales. When implemented properly, TV ads can be the solution your business needs to connect with your audiences. Used in conjunction with other marketing efforts, you can go far by creating engaging TV spots with highly targeted and authentic messaging. Working with a media partner to create your commercial helps ensure you’ll have a high-quality ad that fits with your marketing mix. Whether you want to introduce your brand to new audiences or increase sales for products or services, a well-produced commercial can be the key to your success. 

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